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Happy Orcas, 2022, acrylic on old rug










 CV (selected) Liisa Kanerva,    Visual artist

Born in Tornio, Finland, currently based in Oslo Norway.

Solo exhibitions:

2019 2019 Gallery Asker Kunstforening, Volle, Norway

2016 Gallery Aarni, studio, Tapiola, Espoo

2014 Gallery Huuto, Helsinki, Finland;  Gallery Vanha Kappalaisentalo, Porvoo, Finland

2013 Teijon Masuni Gallery, Salo Finland

2012 Brinkkala Gallery, Turku, Finland

2010 Art Museum (studio), Salo Finland

2009 and 2008 Gallery of the Salo Artists’ Association

2007 Art Museum, Salo Finland

2000 Galleria Taidepiste, Helsinki Finland

1988 Barberino val d’Elsa Art Gallery Florence, Italy

1976, 1974, 1972 Art Museum, Kemi Finland


Changes on Northern Shores Group:

2022  Arktikum Science Museum, Rovaniemi Finland

2022  Andenes Lighthose  (Norlyst festival) Norway

2021  The Greenlandic House, Copenhagen

2021  Nipå Galery, Mariehamn, Aland

With Kaisu Koivisto:

2017 Villa Lante, Institutm Finlandiae Romanum, Rome, Italy

2017 Viterbo – Tracing the Middle Ages, Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova, Turku Finland

2016 Ultramarin, Gocart Gallery, Visby, Sweden

2015 Silmien vaihtajat Wiurila Mansion Salo,Finland

Other group exhibitions (selected) :

2019 Wiurila Summer Wiurila Mansion Salo, Finland

2017 Kvintetti, Kanneltalo Gallery Helsinki

2016 Outo Luonto [Strange Nature] Turku Castle, Finland

2016 Menagerie – Animals in the Art Zoo Toolbox, Berlin, Germany

2014 Tail up! Oulu Museum of Art OMA Finland

2013 More than a thousand word Turku Castle, Finland ; 2013 Art Museum Salo, Artists’ association in Salo, Finland

2009  Wunderkammer Myötätuuli Galery, Raahe, Finland

2007-2011 ArtAroundSalo touring exhibition in Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Russia and Lithuania

1999 Guests in Toscana, Art Museum Hyvinkää, Finland

1989 Annual exhibition of the Union of Finnish Art Associations

1974 Art of Lappland, Wäinö Aaltonen museum Turku, Finland ; 1974 Nordkalotten , Luuleå, Sweden

1973 Northern view point, Touring Exhibition of the Finnish Academy of Art.; 1973 Ars Arctica, Art Museum, Rovaniemi Finland

1970 Annual exhibition of Lapplan,s Art, Lappia hause, Rovaniemi Finland

Community Art :

2010 Hymykuopat, ESR –program 2007 - 2013, Visual art in Salo Hospital, Pediatric Department.

2008 – 2010 Visual art project 4 season, Old-age home Kukonkallio, Salo


Works in collections: Aine Foundation and the collections of the art museums of Tornio, Kemi and Salo, Finland; Imago Mundi, Luciano

Benetton Collection, Italia;

Pirita Day Nursery, Salo and Health Centre Salo, Finland;

Youth Center Syväkangas Kemi, Finland.


Grants (from the year 2000):

2022 Nordic Culture Point 

2019-2020 Nordic culture fund to Changes on Northern shores

2017 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Project Grant for exhibitions in Turku Finland and Rome

2016 Greta ja William Lehtinen Foundation, Project Grant ( with K. Koivisto and A. Koponen)

2016 Arts Promotion Centre Finland, Project Grant for exhibition in Visby Sweden, (with K. Koivisto)

2011 State’s Artist Grant (Finland)

2008 Finnish Association of non-fiction writers, half-year grant for creative writing

2007 Greta ja William Lehtinen Foundation  

2007 State’s Architectural Counsil (Finland) Project Grant

2006 Alfred Kordelin Foundation

2005 State’s Artist Grant (Finland)

2000-2002 Finnish Cultural Foundation 3- years Grant



MUU ry, Finnish interdisciplinary artist’s association; Helsinki Artists' Association;

STS The Artists' Association of Finland; 

SAFA, Associaton of the Finnish architects.


Studies and degrees:

Docent of the history of architecture, Aalto University, Helsinki 

1998 Doctor of Technology (architecture) at Helsinki University of Technology

1986-1987 Studies in architecture at University of Florence, Italy

1986 Degree in Architecture at Oulu University, Department of Architecture

1975 Certificate in the French language at Universitè de La Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris



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